Oct. 31st, 2011

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Why does it always come back to the girl? No, I'm not as well versed in that part of Nessa's life as the boy. I don't like ripping that wound open for her. She tells me about the girl when she's ready to talk about it. I don't force her because I don't want to put her back together after. It hurts her, and it hurts me to see her. Pardon me if I don't spend my days cracking my wife's past open with a chisel, and peering at the insides as they leak out.

I'm her husband. Perhaps that doesn't mean as much to the two of them as it does to me. What it means to me is that I should be able to protect her from things like this. What it means to me is that I should be able to rescue her instead of being made a fool of. What it means is that I've failed. Once again someone else recognised the problem she was facing, and all I did was get in the way. What makes it a perfect failure is that she will always remember this. The memory she'll have from this nightmare was that Druce rescued her while I was off watching.

Regardless of how it was phrased when she woke, I know that she knows. She knows exactly what happened as druce and I were working, and she knows exactly the point at which I stopped. I know that she'll figure out exactly what happened, even if she doesn't ask.


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And how you are feeling tonight?


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