Jul. 26th, 2011

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I should have expected something like this.

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As you're all likely aware, Nessa, Jace, and I have been exploring the bottom floor of the castle for some time now. We've been using the map Danu gave to me, and we've made significant progress in the past few days. You see, we've found the place on the map that Danu wanted to show us. It's well hidden, and out of the way. If not for the map, we could have been here for years without finding it.

There is a secret door in the library on the first floor that leads to a stairwell. This stairwell leads down into a chamber that's as large as the entire bottom floor of the castle, and it's all empty except for a door on the far end. And a puzzle in the middle, too. We figured that with the end in sight, we might as well keep going. Nessa needed to enlist Jonathan and Aileen's help to get the puzzle figured out, it was some form of complex magic. We decided to go through the door to see if what we were looking for was there.

We're not that lucky, I'm afraid. There is a second chamber underneath, and it's as large as the first as far as we can tell. Instead of a magical apparatus in the centre, there is a statue made of Aurae. He moved his head toward us as we came closer to him, and when we tried to move around him to get a better look, he moved to keep his front to us.

It's at this point when all of us decided that it would be best if we had more people with us. Since this is a matter for all of us, and the reason we came, I think it's for the best if the five of you could be there with us tonight. Once we clear this obstacle, it won't be too much longer.


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