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Name: Keagan
Age:41 4243 44 45 46 47
Birthday: August 25th, 581
Blood Type: A+
Class: Duke Knight [12]
Weapons: Lance [B], Quarterstaff [C], Sword [E]
Country: Dentoria
Languages: [Fluent] Trade, Dentorian, Old Dentorian, High Dentorian, [Written and read] Korin, Atsirian, Hanalan, Kilian, Megam.
Family: [Father] Gerold [Mother] Anneta [Wife] Lyonesse

My Story

Where to begin? The beginning of course. I was young once, and full of energy. My parents were well off in a way, but my father still worked very hard to bring money into the home, and my mother worked hard to make sure I was really learning instead of slacking off. They were good people. They instilled a good sense of morals, and honor in me that has helped me through life in a way.

At school, I was the defender of my weaker classmates from bullies, and other dangers. You see this rather faint scar on my forearm here? That was a knife. I have a much larger scar on my leg from a dog bite. They are the only scars of my childhood that still remain. I liked protecting people, and I took it to extremes sometimes. I guess my love of protecting people in a way was what made me become a knight. I guess I didn't understand what knighthood was at the time.

At nine I left home to go become a page, leaving the neighborhood I had grown to love behind. I would be back, but it would never be the same. My parents told me before I left that they were proud of me, and wanted me to succeed. They never told me how much money they had spent putting me through that training, and how they had to start missing meals for about a year after I had left to pay for it. I had to learn that from friends of the family. The training itself? It was ... hard. I don't consider anything past the age of nine my childhood, because things I learned there made me feel more like an adult than anything.

At fourteen (at late age for this next jump) I became a squire to Sir Norman, whose previous squire had died of a very bad fever. Sir Norman was a dull man, and never really left too much of a mark on me. He was undemanding, lax, and rarely sober. The fact that I rarely had to do anything that my friends were complaining about gave me lots of free time. The first day was awful, the second dreadful, and by the third I had learned to take a book from the castle library with me. I discovered my love of reading.

I would spend the next few years scouring Sir Norman's mail, feeding his horse, and sharpening his sword by day, then by night reading in the library. (Lord Rovias didn't like the thought of his books being in the stables, and I didn't blame him) As I didn't need to spend my whole day working on Sir Norman's equipment, I was able to help my fellow squires out ... for a few coins. I was able to save these up to start working on my own collection of books. It took a long time to even begin, but I had four volumes before I even became a full-fledged knight.

Knighthood came for me around Lawrence's second birthday. (Now I do feel old) I quickly found that there was not very much to do that was ... for the lack of a better word, knightly. Not very many bandits were around, and people knew my abilities were more for the open battlefield than for the woods. I was always much better with the lance than the sword, and bandits would be on equal footing with me in close quarters. So when I wasn't standing guard, I was reading, or buying things to read. I soon developed a reputation for buying any books, so the authors who wrote things that would never be accepted by the people in the area came to me. I've saved more than one author from starvation in my time.

Not much happened between knighthood, and becoming Celeste's teacher. Lord Rovias took me aside when I offered my services, and told me he knew some of the things I had read, and how they wouldn't be a very good idea to teach her about. And there I had thought he had no idea. Regardless, she was as good a student as any man could hope for. Always curious, always willing to take new things in. She even liked stories as much I did. Things went almost smoothly for years as I watched the castle grow around me. Honestly, I could have stayed there forever, and never wanted for anything else. But from there another story starts.

You see, apparently none of that actually happened. Or no one remembers it except for my leige's three children Lawrence and Kail and Celeste, and my fellow knights Faith and Sawyer. I am supposedly a scholar from Korin who has never really left his home, and has left no great mark on the world. The later part is true, I have done very little to gain fame, but the former ... doesn't seem right. I have no memory of being to Korin in my life before I woke up there.

After I woke up, I found the writing in my journal could be read by many other people. I rushed to Celeste in a nearby town. We started back to Franel. I met my future wife. I found a new pet. We found Franel, but no one could see it except for the people who could remember it in the first place. From there ... everything blends in except for a few things. Good things have happened in my life since this adventure began. Honestly, some people would say that the story of my life started when these blasted journals opened, but for me...

I liked the old story.

My Traits

Ha. Everyone knows what I'm like. Or they like to think they do anyway. I'm rough to anyone I haven't been around for awhile. I am a 'snarky old bastard' to those who I don't trust around my friends. Maybe even to some who don't deserve it. But they really do deserve it, because I need something to pass the time. If it bothers people ... so be it. I was not put on this world to be a priest or something. I do worship the Dragons, and I haven't broken too many of their rules I don't think, but that one about kindness always seems to be the hardest. That, and the ones about sex, but I'm sure you're not too interested on hearing me talk about that.

I am not a very formal person for a knight. I will stand on ceremony sometimes, but honestly, I can't be arsed to do it all the time. I call my superiors by their first names more often than not, but I'm sure they don't mind. I leave off 'Sir' or 'Lady' for the most part, excect in rare circumstances. Honestly, formalities bore me to a certain degree. I believe I am a very loyal person, or that's what they tell me, so that's really the only thing that should matter.

I like to think I'm a smart man. Oh, some particular things might escape me, but for the most part I can hold my own in a conversation. I might not be a genious, but I have knowledge of a lot of things. I like to be witty, and I like humour. I like to get along with the people I've known for awhile.

Beyond the Fourth Wall

Oh by the way, none of this is actually real, I'm just a character played by that very cruel master pulling the strings, [info]willfor_iv, and my appearance is simply a rip off of that dashingly handsome man Hohenheim Elric, all for the benifit of [info]himitsu_sensou. Here be the broken fourth wall.

Interests (18):

beating irving up, being indoors, being sucky at combat, collecting books, dusty libraries, franel, franel existing, keeping celeste sane, keeping sexuality under wraps, learning, less known books, making fun of archers, penisodes of ujayeb, pretending tarmon doesn't exist, snarking behind everyone's back, tarmon not existing, teaching, training squirrels
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