Jan. 11th, 2017

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On the one hand, it would be very easy to dismiss everything she has to say. She very obviously has an agenda of her own. But ... she's being very open about it? Honestly, at first I thought we were going to have to tease details of that agenda out, but she laid it all in the open. We still don't know everything, but what she's saying would confirm many of the things that we've been afraid of. Namely that we're not in a very good situation if we simply follow along with the plan.

It's pretty obvious that the easiest way for them to get their siblings back is to just shove us out of these conveniently provided bodies. I suppose it took hearing it from her to really sink that in.

There are some issues. Namely, we don't know what we're to do in lieu of fixing the seals yet. We're supposed to ask Prudence and Patience about the reality of the between, and curing gangrene. Though that second one I know enough about, and I'm sure Nessa does as well. I just don't like the implications.

Also, we'll have to kill Danu. I'm not entirely comfortable dwelling on that one for long.

Dragons, this is a lot to take in, and I still can't believe she came to us.


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