Jan. 13th, 2016

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I was reassuring Faith not very long ago. As I was doing it I was being very careful to not say that I have a few fears of my own. Mine aren't going to be very helpful for her in the long run. In fact, they're not going to be very helpful to anyone who is experiencing this. Thankfully, I do have someone to vent my own fears to myself.

We're fairly sure of what happened to every passenger but mine. Well, as certain as we can be. Even Lawrence and Kail know the hows, if not the whys. There is an entire plan devoted to figure out why their passengers killed each other. Ethniu couldn't stand it. And before any of that happened, we know Siobhan died for a greater cause, and had to be preserved. Toiraesa ... well, there's something there, but we know the end of that mystery. This means that we know who accounted for everyone. The siblings are in Ethniu's plan, but they also feature in the plans Danu made. Siobhan was fundamental to Ethniu's plan, and Toiraesa might in just the same way. Vaelentine disappeared from history without a trace, and whatever part of the plan he was supposed to contribute to ... well, we can't know it. That's what is worst for me. There's a plan at work. I'd accepted that. I simply thought I might know what it was supposed to be in the end.

I am worried that my not knowing what my part in the plan was supposed to be is the lost piece that will greatly inconvenience us. Who buried it? Danu seemed annoyed at me whenever I talked with her, but I just thought ... I don't know. What if she doesn't know why the Vaelentine story was buried? What if it was just Ethniu. She created mountains, she could easily erase someone's death from the records. What if my passenger's death was the missing piece to solving Ethniu's plan to begin with, and she's just better at covering her tracks than any of her siblings?

... Well. Yes. That's what is it. That's my fears, and really not too bad, but ... worrying me. Sorry if this is a bit much.


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